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  1.  1.

Voltage- time data extraction package from strip chart record

Indian copyright; software; Registration no. : SW-3926/2008, dt 10.11.2008

Dr M. Mitra

Dr S. Mitra


  1.  2.

A novel flow measurement technique by using centrifugal force type  flow  transducer 


Patent application No.1040/KOL/2005, C.B.R. No. 11249, dated 21.11.2005

Dr S.C. Bera


  1.  3.

An apparatus for measuring flow rate of a conducting liquid in a pipeline     


Indian patent No. 216347, date of Grant: 12.03.2008 against Patent application no.  

536/KOL/2004, CBR no.: 12874 dated 06.09.2004

Dr S.C. Bera

  1.  4.

An  apparatus using an orifice and a non-contact transducer to measure flow rate of fluids through pipelines

Indian patent No. 195560  of  28.10.2003

Dr S.C. Bera

  1.  5.

An improved apparatus using non-contact capacitance transducer for determining liquid level

Indian patent No. 192130 of  02.01.2002.

Dr S.C. Bera

  1.  6.

A novel Microcontroller based power measuring apparatus

Patent No.1117/KOL/2013 filed on 30.09.2013

Prof. J.N.Bera &  Prof. G. Sarkar

  1.  7.

A prototype of In-Home-Display (IHD)

Transfer of Technology in 2013

MOU signed with CEO, Landis+Gyr.


  1.  8.

Development of Remote Energy Metering System towards the estimation of Zonal Energy

Consumption with AMR

Patent file no. 967/KOL/2015 dated 09/09/2015

Prof. J.N.Bera, Dr. S. Chowdhuri with J. Sundara Rajan, CPRI Bangalore

  1.  9.

Development of remote   energy metering system for the determination of zonal energy consumption with AMR and theoretical consideration therefor

Copyright No. L-60862/2014 filed on 26.12.2014

Prof. J.N.Bera &  Prof. G. Sarkar

  1.  10.

Thyristor based embedded starter and fault diagnostic system for 3-phase induction motor

Transfer of Technology in 2015

Dr. K. Das Sharma

  1.  11.

"A novel portable equipment for wireless recording of finger pulse signal with data compression facility


" Indian patent file No: 201631012435 dtd: 08/04/2016

Dr R. Gupta

Mr S. Alam