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List of candidates registered for Ph.D. (since 2012)




Sl. No.

Name of candidate


Title of Thesis

Name(s) of Supervisor(s)

  1. 1.  

Tista Banerjee

Assistant Professor

B.P.Poddar Inst. Of Engg. & Tech., WBUT

Heuristic approach of analysis of electrical machine drive

Dr. S. Chowdhuri

Prof. J.N.Bera,

Prof. G. Sarkar

  1. 2.  

Pritha Roy

Research Scholar

Remote Monitoring and Performance Analysis of Micro Grid under Different Operating Conditions

Dr. S. Chowdhuri

Prof. J.N.Bera,

Prof. G. Sarkar

  1. 3.  

Roshni Maiti

Research Scholar

Intelligent Adaptive Controller Design for Non-Linear Systems

Dr. K Das Sharma, Prof. G. Sarkar

  1. 4.  

Ayindrila Roy


Assistant Professor, Techno India College of Engg., Kolkata


On-line Load Flow Analysis and State Estimation towards Smart Grid Monitoring and Control

Prof. J.N.Bera, Dr. G. Sarkar

  1. 5.  

Suchismita Ghosh


Assistant Professor, MCKVIE, Kolkata


Recursive Algorithms for efficient Computation of the solution of Control System Problems using Orthogonal Triangular functions and Taylor Series.

Prof. A. Deb, Prof. G. Sarkar

  1. 6.  

Aveek Chattopadhyaya

Assistant Professor, SKFGIE, Kolkata


Current Signature Analysis Based Electrical Fault Assessment

Prof. S.Sengupta, Prof. J.N.Bera, Dr. S. Chattopadhyay

  1. 7.  

Srimanti Roy Chowdhury


Assistant Professor, BBIT, Kolkata


Orthogonal Hybrid functions for the analysis and synthesis of Control Systems in State Space Environment.

Dr. A. Deb, Dr. G. Sarkar

  1. 8.  

Rumpa Saha


Assistant Professor, Aliah University


Power Quality Analysis and Characterization of Electrical Appliances by Harmonic Parameter Estimation

Dr. J.N.Bera, Dr. G. Sarkar

  1. 9.  

Surya Sarathi Das


Assistant Professor, Kalyani Govt. Engg. College, Nadia, WB


Cyber Resilient Image Transmission Technique Employing Improved Visual Secret Sharing Schemes

Dr. K.Dassharma, Dr. J.N.Bera

Dr. J. K. Chandra

  1.  10.

Debopama Kar Roy

Assistant Professor, MCKVIE, Kolkata



Harmonic Power Flow in a Multi-Bus Power System


Prof. S.Sengupta, Dr. K. Dassharma, Dr. S. Chattopadhyay

  1.  11.

Abhinaba Dutta


Assistant Professor, Academy of Technology, West Bengal

Modeling of Bioelectric Signals and Measurement of Some Physical Quantities

Prof. S. C. Bera

  1.  12.

Sirshendu Saha


Assistant Professor, Academy of Technology, West Bengal

Some Modified Techniques of Measurement of Electrical and Process Parameters

Prof. S. C. Bera

  1.  13.

Hiranmay Mandal


Assistant Professor, Academy of Technology, West Bengal

Some Modified Techniques Measurement and Control in Process Industry

Prof. S. C. Bera

  1.  14.

Haraprasad Mandal


Assistant Professor

Sarojmohon Inst. Of Tech., WBUT

Design and Development of Some Modified Transducers of Process Variables

Prof. S. C. Bera

  1.  15.

Deboleena Sadhukhan


Dst-Inspire Fellowship

Dept. Of Applied Physics

Compression and Analysis of Cardiac Signals


Prof. M.Mitra,


  1.  16.

Samik Chakraborty


Assistant Professor

Heritage Inst. Of Tech., WBUT

Studies on Multimodal Biometric Analysis for Personalized Authentication 

Dr. S. Pal,

Prof. M. Mitra

  1.  17.

Uday Maji


Assistant Professor

Haldia          Inst. Of Tech., WBUT

Characterization and Classification of Cardiac Episodes using Data Adaptive Techniques

Dr. S. Pal, Prof. M. Mitra

  1.  18.

Pubali Mitra


Assistant Professor

Calcutta Institute of Engineering & Management

Some Studies on Enhanced PID Controllers with Set Point Weighting

Dr. C. Dey

  1.  19.

Jayita Dutta

Assistant Professor & Head, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, WBUT

Investigation on classification of some biomedical signals using feature extraction and pattern recognition criteria

Prof. M.Mitra

Prof. S.Sengupta

  1.  20.

Jayanta Mukhopadhyay

Principal (JIS Polytecnic), kalyani, India

Performance study of switched reluctance motor drive using different types of controller

Dr. S. Chowdhuri

Prof. S. Sengupta

  1.  21.

Priyanka Bera

Research Scholar

Electrocardiogram signal compression methods for effective data storage and secured transmission related to cardiovasculsr healthcare

Dr R. Gupta

  1.  22.

Debasish Biswas

Asst Professor, Techno India, Kolkata

A Control Theoretic Approach for Analysis and design of Fractional order System.

Dr K. DasSharma, Prof G. Sarkar

  1.  23.

Sananda Pal

DST Inspire Fellow

Reconfiguration of Electrical Network towards Development of Economic, Reliable Smart Power System

Prof S. Sengupta

Prof JN Bera,

Dr S. Sen